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Data, analysis and insights, there are many words that describe what Retriever actually does. What really defines Retriever is a desire to understand, simplify and act on information. Retriever’s work is built on facts and every day they strive to better understand the complex world that surrounds us. For almost 20 years, Retriever has listened to, monitored, measured and analyzed the world of media, breaking down complex data into clear information that their clients can act on.

Retriever has the largest number of analysts working in the Nordic region, each of whom is passionate about delivering the absolute best insights into media monitoring, media analysis and business information. In doing so, Retriever has an active role to ensure that clients make the right decisions, thereby allowing them to reach their full potential. Retriever is a proud member of the international trade associations AMEC, FIBEP and PDLN.

Website: https://www.retriever.dk/



As a business leader or specialist, you are often left alone to decide on major strategies and managerial changes, while nurturing your leadership skills and insights at the same time.

Since 1992, EGN (Executives’ Global Network) has provided tailored peer groups for business leaders and specialists in Denmark – and we continuously strive to create personal, professional and business value for our network peers. At this moment, we are the second biggest company worldwide to facilitate professional peer groups, with more than 14,000 members, representing 8,000+ companies and 800+ peer groups in our network of trusted peers, who all share the ambition of making each other better – every day.

Throughout the years, EGN Denmark has brought leaders and specialists together in a strategic network, including professional 
communications and marketing peer groups. More than 8,000 Danish peer group members can furthermore benefit from different and inspirational events across the country as well as taking part of the digital Members’ Universe, a unique members-only networking platform, enabling the members to share challenges and seek for inspiration 24/7 with people from other countries.

EGN has also developed a partnership with Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning where members can benefit from knowledge, case studies, and learning tools in addition to a tailormade peer group, with 
EGN Leadership Peer Group and EGN Executive Peer Group 

Learn more: 
www.egn.dk or www.egn.com



Kommunikation & Sprog is a union for communication- and marketing professionals.

They have more than 8,000 members who typically work within the fields of communication, language and marketing. 80 percent of their members are employed in the private sector – the rest in the public sector.

Kommunikation & Sprog works to ensure reasonable pay levels and adequate working conditions for their members. They strive to make sure that the qualifications of their members meet the demands of the labour market and that the members will still be in demand in tomorrow’s labour market.

Website: https://kommunikationogsprog.dk/



AMEC (the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication) is the world’s largest media intelligence and insights professional association, representing organisations and practitioners who provide media evaluation and communication research. AMEC has more than 160 members in 86 countries worldwide. 

AMEC stimulates leading-edge industry thinking to help their members provide best-in-class, evidence-based communications. They inspire their members through bold campaigns, knowledge share website, their education work and the annual AMEC Global Summit. Their mission is to educate and grow the market for the benefit of their members through International Chapters (hubs) in Asia, Europe, North America and Latin America.

AMEC’s pioneering work has included the development of the Barcelona Principles; Barcelona Principles 2.0 and most recently the launch of the AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework and the Measurement Maturity Mapper.

Website: https://amecorg.com/


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