We want you to rest assured that buying a ticket for Measurement Day 2020 does not impose a risk – neither to your health nor financially.

That is why we are now offering a full money back guarantee in case the Measurement Day conference is either cancelled or its programme will need to be significantly altered in order to proceed. 

At the moment, it is impossible to tell what the world will look like a few months from now. We hope – as we are sure you do – that society will be returning to normal and that conferences like Measurement Day can once again be conducted – safely and enjoyably for alle participants.

We hope that this money back guarantee will make you see that purchasing a ticket to Measurement Day is as risk free as we can make it – both for your health and your budget.

Our money back guarantee covers

  • If we feel it is necessary for the health and safety of our delegates, staff and speakers to cancel rather than proceed with the event
  • If we have to cancel the conference due to restrictions imposed by the Health Authorities
  • If circumstances caused by Covid-19 means that we would have to alter our setup substantially – for instance, limit the number of delegates significantly or reduce the length of the conference by several hours / presentations
  • If we have to cancel the event due to a lack of ticket sales. We expect to know more around July 1st.

The money back guarantee does not cover

  • Cases of individual illness or illness in the family or among co-workers, causing the delegate to submit to quarantine or self-isolation. If you are sick or showing symptoms, it is important that you stay at home.

We are continuously updating our plans for the Measurement Day 2020 conference to maximize your safety and that of our staff and speakers. Because of this, the programme is subject to change accordingly.

If travel restrictions are still in place by September, our international speakers may be joining us via online video. Likewise, we are looking into lunch and seating arrangements to offer solutions that are safe and responsible, yet lets you enjoy the conference to the fullest extent. 

We will of course make every effort to communicate such changes in a timely manner, but it is always a good idea to check our NEWS SECTION for the latest updates. 

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