Call for Speakers for Measurement Day 2021 in Copenhagen

We currently have an open Call for Speakers for Measurement Day 2021 in Copenhagen at the end of September. 

We are urging any interested parties to come forward and suggest presentations, cases or experts that might be a good fit for our concept. This year we are particularly looking for practitioners who have used communication measurement and evaluation to:

  • Measure the effect – i.e. the outcome – of their communication and how that related to a measurable business impact for the organisation
  • Learn from mistakes and successes along the way and use that learning to grow
  • Measure how they evolved from an established baseline and became better over time
  • Inform their pre-campaign research to better target their audience, make use of their resources and thus achieve a higher communication efficiency
  • Make evaluation a part of their culture and learning process, embracing the chance of failure and learning from it


Vendors and agencies are typically not used on stage but are more than welcome to have a chat with us about sponsor- and partnership options. We would also love to hear from agencies about clients you have worked with who are doing interesting things with communication measurement and evaluation.

What is Measurement Day?

All over the world, professional communicators sadly still struggle to accurately demonstrate the effect and value of the work they do. Measurement is often reduced to simplistic exercises like counting press clippings or Facebook likes and evaluation and analysis is commonly non-existing.

We are on a mission to change that.

To inspire you, to guide you, and ultimately to help you learn how to deliver measurable results in the form of communication outcomes and business impact that will place you strategically at the center of informed decision-making in your organisation.

The Measurement Day conferences and workshops were created for that very purpose. They are a unique concept focusing on communication measurement and evaluation from a strategic and tactical perspective. Through speakers and case studies, we showcase examples of how communication has made a measurable difference, enabling you to do the same.

Why our guests attend

These are just a few of the more than 60 companies, organisations and public service institutions that have joined us at Measurement Days in the past:

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