Having worked in professional communication for more than a decade, I keept seeing an industry unable to reach its full strategic potential because of poor measurement and accountability. I founded my consultanty, Quantum, in 2015 to make it my mission to make measurement and evaluation as easily accessible and understandable as possible.

In 2017, I organised the first Measurement Day conference. My goal was quite simply to showcase great examples of how communication had demonstrated a measurable impact on strategic business or organisational objectives, contributed insights and informed management-level decision-making.

I wanted to use those concrete examples to start a debate about the many myths about communication measurement and evaluation – such as ‘the effect of communication cannot be accurately measured’. And through that debate raise awareness about how we as a profession can take on a much more strategic and central role in our organisations – if we are willing to vouch for the results, we are creating.

In 2018, Measurement Days has expanded to become both a tactically focused workshop day with sessions about tools and methods and a full-day strategically focused conference with local and international cases and panel debates on the issues that face our industry.

Jesper Andersen
Measurement Days founder

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